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Licensed Professional Counselor
          Registered Play Therapist-Supervisor
                      National Certified Counselor
              Parenting Counselor & Educator

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Frequently asked Questions      and        Directions to Joanne's office

What are your specialties in counseling?
    Most childhood issues including: AD/HD, Abuse, Anger, Anxiety, Autism Spectrum, Behavioral issues, Conflict Resolution, Custody issues, Depression, Divorce, Grandparents raising grandchildren, Grief and Loss, Parenting issues, Reunification, Sibling issues, Separation issues, School issues, Self-esteem, etc.
   If there is something going on with your child that is not listed above, please call me and discuss what is going on with your child.  If I can not help you, then I can hopefully point you in the right direction to get help.

Do you take insurance?
    The only insurance that I do take is Medicaid, which is a managed care insurance through Northamption and Lehigh Counties Health Choices - Magellan Behavioral Health program.  If you have this insurance then I will need to bill online using the person's full name, date of birth, social security number and full address. 
I currently do not have any staff in my office to handle billing insurance companies, therefore I request payment from my clients in cash or checks. 

If you don't take insurance what is your hourly fee?
    My hourly fee is $90.00 per session.  A session can be from 45 minutes to an hour.  If you are bringing a child to me I try to allow about 10 minutes after I see your child for questions, payment and rescheduling.  If important issues have come up during the week, then please let me know prior to the time that I spend with your child. (If you need my services and can not pay my hourly fee, please call to discuss this with me.  No one should go without counseling who needs it.)

Will insurance reimburse your fee?
    Every insurance policy is different.  I am a Licensed Professional Counselor and would be considered an "out of network provider." I can give you a receipt for your payment and often times people can submit that receipt and their insurance company will reimburse them partial to full payment.  Please contact your insurance company to find out about your policy.  

How many therapy sessions will my child need?
    It is hard to be exact when it comes to answering this question, all children are unique in personality and temperament as well as each child is dealing with such different issues.  I usually suggest with young children that to help me to build a relationship it will be at the very least 1 session per week for four weeks in a row.  Hopefully at that point we can get a feel for how much longer it will take your child to reach their therapeutic goals.

Do you see my child alone in your therapy room?
Yes, I will bring your child in by themselves for therapy.  There are times, however, that I may ask a parent to participate in therapy if that will be indicated at that time.  Also, the initial session I always begin with bringing the child in with the parent(s) to help the child feel more comfortable coming into my room.  I never force a child to do anything in therapy that they do not want to do.  Generally, I practice child-centered play therapy which allows the child to lead me to what they want to do.

What if there is something that I need to talk to you about, when can I have time to do that?
In the beginning of every session with a child, I generally ask the parent if there is anything important that they need to talk to me about, and give time to the parent then at their discretion.  If you feel it will take up too much time of the session that is for your child, then I would suggest setting up a different time to have a discussion with me on the phone or a separate scheduled office visit. 

I am dealing with a separation and upcoming divorce and my child is not handling things well. What can I do?
This is definitely an area of work that I know a lot about.  I work with many children who have divorced parents and I can be of great assistance to your child and guide you as a parent to do the best parenting during this stressful time.  However, I draw the line at testifying in court if you are having a custody battle.  I have found that it compromises my therapeutic relationship and ability to help your child if I get involved in the battle that causes so much stress for your child.

Directions from the South:
  •     PA-378 North to
  •    Eighth Ave South exit 2W   .2 miles to light at end of ramp
  • Merge to 8th Avenue go .4 miles to second light and
  • Turn Right onto W. Broad Street   travel .7miles to office on the Right

Directions from the North and West:

  •     PA-378 South to
  •    Eighth Ave exit to light at end of ramp
  • Right  onto 8th Avenue go .4 miles to second light and
  • Turn Right onto W. Broad Street   travel .7miles to office on the Right
Joanne T. NigitoRaftas,MS,RPT-S, NCC, LPC
1754 W. Broad Street
Bethlehem, PA  18018


Specializing in Child and Adolescent Therapy
   Psychotherapy with ages 3 - adult

   "Guiding a person to the awareness within"
I look forward to meeting you!
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