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Child's Play Is The Way!
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                                                                        Why Does Play Therapy Work?

    Children who have experienced some difficulties 
    in their lives will need to learn new coping skills to 
    integrate these experiences and feel whole again.
    New brain research describes how play, as well 
    as other forms of expressive therapies (i.e. art, 
    music, storytelling, sandplay, etc.) helps the child 
    process their experiences using their right-brain 
    functions. It is the brain that helps us all to regulate 
    negative states and thus helps us to recover from 
    difficult or traumatic experiences. The left-brain is 
    generally responsible for speech and language, 
    and the right-brain for specific sensory and spatial 
    Play Therapy
helps us achieve the 
    state of "flow" (Stien & Kendall (2004).
Psychological Trauma and 
    the Developing Brain: Neurologically-based interventions for troubled 
which is a harmonious state of consciousness   
    that brings brain waves into synchrony and all the  
    important resources of the mind to bear on a task.  
   When we experience "flow," it creates a physiological

Whenever a Play Therapist asks a client to "draw a picture of their feelings," the thoughts begin to flow from one side of the brain to the other and this helps that client integrate those feelings and encouraging the state of "flow." This helps the client access their own internal resources by modulating and integrating emotion. Encouraging a child to process experiences through the various modalities builds self-awareness, promotes problem-solving skills, and develops self-control.

In conclusion, to help troubled children tackle their many different issues and experiences,

Play Therapists strengthen the cuircuitry in their client's brain by utilizing Play Therapy Techniques to ultimately help these children resolve and integrate their experiences. Children learn how to deal with their issues and behaviors through having Play Therapy sessions with a qualified Play Therapist that helps the child integrate their emotions from the experiences that caused them problems. Behaviors begin to become regulated because the child’s coping skills and awareness improves and this in turn boosts their self-esteem which helps the child to become more successful in all endeavors.

This is why a
to a positive mental-health status!

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